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The school year is 2017 - 2018 and it is the last before my oldest child begins kindergarten. This year, more than any other is the time to let go of the things that hold us back from living simply, because only when our lives are free from clutter, both physical and emotional, can we be fully present. 
"There are two gifts we should give to our children:
One is roots.
The other is wings."

In this year of roots, I hope that we can learn to let go of the possessions, of the comparisons, and of the fast pace of life. I hope that we can cherish each day and live in the now instead of feeling preoccupied with what life might be like later. Join me each month as I hone in on one way to simplify.
We're kicking off this school year of less by doing less! Outside of preschool and a single dance class, my kids have nothing on their schedules. See how opting out of activities helps us live in the moment. Full post here.
My husband and I are prioritizing our weekends by spending quality time with each of our kids individually. We're seeing fewer sibling power struggles, less competition over attention, and way more love. Full post here
This month, I'm practicing the art of being mindful of what I project to others about my sons' developing selves. Learn a few tips for practicing restraint because little ears are always listening. Full post here
It's Christmas time and more than ever, I want the kids to find peace during this exciting month. We're taking a new approach to this season of getting; it's time to give back! Follow along during our 25 Days of Christmas Kindness. Full post here