Hello & Welcome

My name is Laura and I'm happy you're here! For the past 12 years, I've been in the field of education, but this school year (2017-2018), I'm home full-time with my two children and soaking it all in. Our days aren't always a walk in the park, but Landon (four years and in pre-kindergarten) and Callum (one year) are both incredible, hilarious, and fascinating little humans, so there isn't any place else I'd rather be than home with them.

I created this blog with the hope that by dedicating my time and energy to being fully present and living simply, I can maximize these precious years of childhood, which any mother knows are so fleeting. Instead of getting buried in laundry and toddler tantrums, I seek a way to bring a sense of calm to our storms. Each month, I choose an area of our lives to adopt a "less is more" approach with. Here, I share my tips and tricks for simplifying, organizing, and streamline the mundane to enjoy the profound.

I also share my thoughts on education and society, my struggle with finding a path in public school for my own sons, and offer resources based on the learning that we do in our own home. I hope that you can find something of use here and that if you're keeping it real at home with your own tribe, that you can identify with the perspective of another mama who wants the best for her babies.

If you're new around here, check out my first post to learn a bit about why this blog exists.

Happy reading,